Our Services.

Brand Promotions

Creating emotional connections with consumers is what makes the difference between brands that people know about – and brands that people love.  BoulevardOne develops brand-building programming that excites consumers through maximizing a client’s brand equity, creating targeted platform strategies and building strategic partnerships that make sense.


Most companies now see the importance of developing marketing strategies that reach African American and Latino consumers.  The consultants at BoulevardOne have extensive backgrounds in developing multicultural marketing initiatives.  Our body of work in this area is quite impressive, including work for many of the top brands in the world.

Experiential & Sponsorships

Put simply, we are experiential marketing specialists – providing comprehensive knowledge in the development and execution of IMPACTFUL brand experiences.  We know how to make events & sponsorships help build a client’s brand, engage their target audience and help drive sales.


The tools available to marketers have expanded tremendously over the past two decades. Understanding the long-standing practice of above-the-line Advertising is still vitally important to persuading audiences into action.  Our creativity and consumer insight have proven valuable to our client’s branding initiatives.

Endorsements & Influencer Marketing

Aligning brands with celebrities and high-profile personalities requires attention to detail and a knack for staying in the know.  BoulevardOne has negotiated dozens of contracts between celebrities and brands.  We understand the nuances and deliverables that make these partnerships a win-win situation for all parties.

Media Plan Optimization

No longer are TV, Radio and Newspapers the only way to approach an efficient media strategy.  We’re now in an information-driven world where non-traditional media is fast becoming traditional media.  BoulevardOne is a valuable resource for promotional media planning and spending optimization.  We have an in depth understanding of how ad buying and media negotiation fit into the marketing mix.

Branded Entertainment & Product Placement

Branded Entertainment and Product Placement are fantastic ways to break through the clutter and reach consumers.  BoulevardOne has led the charge in recent years, by developing groundbreaking projects from ideation to production to broadcast.